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10 Comparisons Between Chimps and Humans
8 months ago 689 Views

10 Comparisons Between Chimps and Humans

Chimpanzees are our closest living relatives, and yet they were unknown to most of the world until Charles Darwin wrote about and popularized them

8 months ago 934 Views

Dizzy Baby Chimp (Video)

Baby Chimpanzee Milou. Photo: Milou the baby chimp at the Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center in Cameroon makes himself dizzy… via Say OMG Read

The Classiest Chimp In Human History Leads The Morning Links
9 months ago 566 Views

The Classiest Chimp In Human History Leads The Morning Links

1. Kokomo liked to relax with a little light reading.     View this image › Vecchio / Getty Images 2. He ate his

3 years ago 465 Views

Female crusades to block wild home pets

The woman who survived a horrific chimpanzee attack that nearly claimed her life is on a crusade to ban exotic wild animals from homes

3 years ago 249 Views

Rise of the Planet of Memorable TV Apes and Chimps

Hilarious British TV character Alan Partridge once desperately pitched an idea for a TV series called “Monkey Tennis .” It is an undeniable fact

3 years ago 257 Views

Information About Apes and Chimps

The use of tools in the violent by chimpanzees has been practical and well established for sometime now and in statement recently chimps have

3 years ago 581 Views

Chimps as well as Bonobos Prove that Moral Behavior is actually a Product of Evolution

Dr. Frans de Waal doesn’t wish to transform your religious beliefs. He does, nonetheless, want to transform some misconceptions about our human honest and

3 years ago 265 Views

Chimpanzee Film Review (2012)

Chimpanzee (Disney Nature) Earth Day is celebrated in the spirit as it is intended-to observe and appreciate the wonderment of our exquisite ecosystem. Well,

3 years ago 247 Views

New Scorsese Film Slated For Using Chimpanzee “Actor”

One of the Christmas season mainstream film releases is the latest Martin Scorsese offering. The Wolf of Wall Street. Based on the biography of

3 years ago 283 Views

Human Ancestor Was Less-Chimp-Like Than Thought: Study

The last common ancestor of Man and Ape was not a knuckle-walking, tree-swinging hominid resembling today’s chimpanzee, said a study Tuesday challenging some long-held

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