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Watch What Happens When This Gorilla Is Reunited With The Human Who Raised Him. So Many Feels.
8 months ago 557 Views

Why Monkeys Don’t Make Good Pets

Monkeys have played lead roles in many movies, cartoons, commercials, music videos, etc. They seem to be cute, joyful, and smart animals. This leads

9 months ago 265 Views

The Theory of the 100th Monkey

Have you ever heard the theory of the 100th monkey? In the 1950’s biologists and anthropologists were studying the behavior of a species of

9 months ago 296 Views

Baby Monkey Feeding Time

MORE BABY MONKEY: Facebook: More from 2 Idiots Abroad:…

9 months ago 291 Views

Siamang Gibbons howling at Miami Metrozoo

The Siamang is a tailless, arboreal, black furred gibbon native to the forests of Malaysia, Thailand, and Sumatra. The largest of the lesser apes,

9 months ago 246 Views

Playful Gibbons

Two gibbons at the Memphis Zoo acting crazy.  

9 months ago 209 Views

Zoo View – Orangutans and Gibbons Together – Cincinnati Zoo

Thane Maynard talks about putting Oranutans and Gibbons together in our Jungle Trails exhibit.

9 months ago 218 Views

Capuchin Monkey Frankie Takes a Bath

  Aurora Plush 12″ Flopsie Chimp Monkey Aurora is the leading supplier of affordable, high quality gift products. Since its establishment in 1981, the

1 year ago 461 Views

Drunk Monkeys Fail – Weird Nature

See Lemurs that take drugs and get high – 300 years ago vervet monkeys were brought into the island of St. Kitts f…

3 years ago 277 Views

National Geographic – The Woman Raised by Monkeys

The white-faced capuchin monkeys didn’t appear to acknowledge Bradford’s Marina Chapman when she took a trip 5,000 miles to the Colombian jungle recently. But

3 years ago 280 Views

Squirrel Monkeys as Pets

We humans have always felt a strong bond with animals. We first tamed wolves, and sort of contributed to the birth of dogs. Man,

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