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Orangutan Washes Like Human
8 months ago 3685 Views

Orangutan Washes Like Human

If you still need more proof that humans are related to great apes, here’s some more evidence. This orangutan washes up just like a

3 years ago 277 Views

Effect of Global Warming Against Biological Aspects Orangutan Habitat

Global warming is the process of increasing the average temperature of the atmosphere, ocean, and Earth’s land. Global average temperature at Earth’s surface has

3 years ago 222 Views

Zoo Orangutans Are Given iPads

The orangutans at Milwaukee County Zoo were introduced to the high tech devices back in May 2011 as part of an enrichment program and

3 years ago 222 Views

Environmental Outlook for the Orangutan Habitat

The rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra are under environmental threat from unsustainable over-development, but they also happen to be last remaining habitat of the

3 years ago 252 Views

Look: Baby Orangutan Is New Arrival At Twycross Zoo

Baby orangutan at Twycross A zoo is celebrating the arrival of a baby orangutan. The baby ape, born at Twycross Zoo near Nuneaton, is

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