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Ravens Have Social Abilities Previously Only Seen In Humans
9 months ago 321 Views

Ravens Have Social Abilities Previously Only Seen In Humans

Humans and their primate cousins are well known for their intelligence and social abilities. You hear them called bird-brained, but birds have demonstrated a

3 years ago 465 Views

Primate Trust In Des Moines Iowa

Great Ape Trust   In February 2013, the Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary stepped over the line in exposing baby Teco to human germs.Savage-Rumbaugh joins

3 years ago 265 Views

Uganda Primates

Uganda has got different types of primates of that include monkeys, baboons and many others. All monkeys in Uganda are members of the family

3 years ago 208 Views

Ban on primate experiments would be devastating, scientists warn

Scientists, politicians and animal rights campaigners will confront each other this week in a battle that will ultimately determine the future use of primates

3 years ago 253 Views

Interesting Facts About the Orangutan

The Orangutan

3 years ago 257 Views

Uganda, the land of Primate Safaris in Africa

With a belief by some historians that human kind started and evolved in East Africa, it’s not surprising that Uganda, a destination in this

3 years ago 245 Views

Humane Society Alleges Mistreatment Of Primates By Georgia Regents University

Rhesus monkeys flip obsessively in circles and pace back and forth alone in their metal laboratory cages at a Georgia Regents University research facility.

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