10 Best Ways for Gamers to get 1 million YouTube Subscribers!

Are you an aspiring YouTuber and a gamer who is streaming live all his/her best gameplays and still struggling to get the best out of your YouTube Channel?

If yes, so here we are to solve your problem by easing your struggle to reach 1 million YouTube subscribers by following a few simple and handy tips and tricks!

In the present time, gaming is not just limited to gaming platforms these days but it’s a lot more! One might simply say that you’re just playing games and uploading YouTube videos, live streaming them but we understand how strenuous and challenging this task can be! Indeed, a gaming channel is not a piece of cake! The gaming industry is growing day by day and is expected to surpass over 100 million dollars. What’s more exciting is every gamer on average spends more than 3 hours a week watching other people play on YouTube and that’s what led to the popularity and rise of gaming channels on YouTube. Almost every gamer is either a YouTuber or a viewer of a gaming channel.

YouTube is an open platform, where simply anyone can create a channel and start posting their content creating fresh competition every day while others review different content. A gaming YouTube channel is not just about uploading gaming videos, live streaming games, sharing strategies, game recordings but a lot more. A gaming YouTube channel is different in a number of ways than other niche YouTube channels.  A successful gaming channel is a lot about the channel’s personality, what the channel has to offer that others can’t, and how enticing the content of your channel is.

We understand all the efforts that one puts in in order to make a Gaming YouTube channel successful along with the expectations and the hard work that goes into making it work for you.

What makes this even tougher is how to stand out amongst all others!

So, let’s find out how some gaming channels perform better than others and how exactly can you as a gamer gain more and more subscribers on your Gaming YouTube channel by following a few simple tips and tricks.

1. Great Content and great quality content are the key

Any niche of YouTube channel in order to be successful requires great content. There goes a lot in making a YouTube channel successful but great content is one of the basics that you certainly need.

However, in a niche like gaming which already comprises more than 15% of the existing YouTube channels, one not only needs to post great content but also needs to differentiate one’s self from others and identify what your viewers are looking for to stand out amongst all others. As a gamer, one might view your videos for different reasons like to learn something new, as a walkthrough or guide if they’re stuck on a level, struggling to beat the toughest, desiring to improve their gameplay, learning some new tricks and tactics, to be a part of the gaming community, to attain a sense of belongingness to the gaming community, to connect to people or to get inspired from your gameplay. What’s important for any gaming channel is to ensure that your content fulfills either one or more of these reasons.

Not only this, but another important thing that one should never miss out on is keeping the entertainment factor alive in your content. It not only makes it better but also some of the viewers may just like your video more because of the entertainment factor than gaming. Apart from posting great content, posting quality content is another must thing to remember as poor-quality content can never gain a significant number of views or subscribers.

2. Title and description of your channel

One of the most common mistakes that new YouTubers generally commit is in choosing the title or name of their YouTube channel. A title or name of your YouTube channel should be descriptive of the content that your channel has to offer and at the same time interesting and catchy to remember for the viewers. People name their YouTube channel after their names or after names of the games that they post or their game usernames. Naming a YouTube channel on your game username is a very common thing to do. It makes you popular on the gaming platform and helps you gain more subscribers on your YouTube channel. However, just your username as the title of your YouTube channel may not suffice in serving you the best of your YouTube channel.

A catchy and easy to remember the title of your YouTube channel which is descriptive and at the same time relevant to the type of gaming content that you post on your YouTube channel tends to attract more subscribers through your gaming platform.

3. Genre of your gaming YouTube channel

Generally, gaming channels are either the ones who stick to one game and post content only relevant to that game or those who post about different and a lot of games or those who mainly share their gaming experiences, tips, tricks, and strategies for their respective games along with their recorded gameplays. One might say it is important to decide the genre of your gaming YouTube channel before you start posting. However, it is not important to stick to one genre but what’s important is to recognize what kind of audience you are intending to target through your channel. Sticking to one genre or deciding to post videos of different kinds have their own advantages and disadvantages at the same time depending upon your target audience. So, one should just be ready for Trial and Error! As a new YouTuber, you may take time trying to find out exactly what works for you. But, once you start building your YouTube subscriber base, you will get an idea about what exactly your viewers want or what exactly is that one thing that attracts your viewers and subscribers and that’s what helps you in recognizing what your strength is. Identifying and working on those strengths can definitely help you gain more subscribers.

4. Make the presence of your YouTube channel significant to gain more subscribers at a higher rate

To get an upper hand over your competitors, one of the simplest things that you can do is posting content regularly or in short regular intervals as your viewers tend to expect a certain frequency from your channel. Posting content regularly or frequently helps you in creating a significant presence on your YouTube channel. A short introduction to your videos is another thing that may help you in keeping the interest of your audience alive. For example, posting a 15 seconds short intro video about the interesting things that viewers will find out in your upcoming video and posting the actual video after a short span of time say a day or few days. Make sure the time gap between your intro video and the actual video isn’t too long. This trick of posting intro videos will not only keep your YouTube channel active as you’ll be posting more frequently but will also help you in creating a presence of your YouTube channel amongst the gaming community leading to more audience to your channel.

5. Audience interaction helps you attract more audience to your channel

The comments section is one of the best and simplest ways for audience interaction and to make your viewers or subscribers feel included. One should make a habit of devoting an hour or so to the comments section, responding to individuals’ comments, if not all at least a few every time after posting a new video. It will help you analyze your strengths and work on them. Adding a question like what do the viewers want to see in your next video, any other tricks or tactics for a game apart from what is shown in the video, how can you improve this gameplay, etc is what you can ask your viewers at the end of every video in order to receive a greater response from the audience. But, as you invite more and more people to the comments section, be ready for both positive as well as negative responses. It is advisable to take them all, work on them, and keep going!

Playing multiplayer games is also a smart thing to do as it helps you to engage with your audience better and gives them an opportunity to appear in your gameplays.

6. Choosing a game which is popular and at the same time accessible to a larger audience

Choosing a game that is new, trending, or popular and posting content related to that particular game can definitely help you in gaining more subscribers and views on your YouTube channel. Many streamers have received a great response on their gaming channels by posting videos about the games that are popular at that time and at the same time are accessible to a larger audience. Posting content on games that are paid and expensive may limit your audience. So, it is advisable to choose games that are easily accessible to a larger audience.

7. Identify your style and stick to it

It is extremely important to show your natural self in your videos to keep your content original as well as unique. It can definitely help you to stand out amongst others. It may be your thumbnail, title, description, your style, your voice, or simply the content of your video. What’s important is to identify your style that is liked by your audience and sticking to it.

8. Buy YouTube Subscribers

Yes, you’ve heard it right. Why not cheat a little? Buying YouTube subscribers can help you gain a higher number of subscribers in one go! Buying YouTube subscribers can help you in boosting the ranking of your channel in search engines and gives you an upper hand over your competitors as it places your channel on the first page of the search engine. Also, it acts as a social license of acceptability and credibility. Generally, people who scroll through videos and channels on YouTube have the tendency to think and believe that the higher the number of subscribers, the greater the content would be. Thus, it helps you in gaining subscribers organically too by attracting more audience. To get the best deals to buy YouTube subscribers and views, visit Buy YouTube Subscribers. Buy YouTube Subscribers India offers the safest and most secure services to buy YouTube Subscribers and views at affordable prices.

9. Promoting your YouTube channel

Promoting your YouTube channel on social media as well as on gaming platforms is something that one shouldn’t ideally miss out on, especially if you are targeting to gain one million YouTube subscribers!

Promoting your channel on social media provides you an added reach to new audiences resulting in giving a boost to your YouTube channel. Also, promoting your channel on gaming platforms is an additional advantage that Gaming YouTube channels get as it helps you to reach like-minded people easily and those like-minded people have a higher probability of subscribing to your channel and finding your content interesting as a member of the gaming platform, similarity of interests is presumed.

Also, the presence of your YouTube channel on social media is important in any case you are unable to post content frequently on your channel or say your channel gets suspended for a certain period of time, it helps you in reaching and connecting to your audience. So, the presence of your channel on social media not only enables you to gain more subscribers but helps you in connecting to the existing ones better.

10. Review what exactly works for you

Once your gaming YouTube channel gets established, in order to maintain steady growth in the number of subscribers, it is important to always review what your audience likes or dislikes. It is all about the number of views, likes, dislikes, and comments. One can easily learn about audience likes and dislikes and what exactly your audience expects from your channel by going thoroughly through the comments section. Comments are nothing but feedback directly coming from your audience and audience feedback can be the best resource as well as a guide for you to improve your future content and make your viewers feel included by giving significance to their expectations.

To sum it up, all it takes for the steady growth of your YouTube channel is posting regularly, reviewing your content, working on it, and repeating what you have been doing by staying consistent. Have fun!

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