Best 5 ways to Leverage the Power of YouTube

YouTube videos are a perfect tool for grabbing consumer attention, increase conversion, and boost sales. YouTube offers companies a chance to promote their products without cutting out the details.

Every brand wants a video platform where they can share an uncropped, untrimmed, and unfiltered narrative of their mission, message, and core values. Do you want to leverage the power of YouTube? If yes, this article is for you.

1. Get Branded

Content is king, no doubt about that. However, you need to make your YouTube channel visually engaging. If you want visitors to subscribe to your channel, then you have to make it look professional.

It is important to brand your channel as this allows users to recognize your content promptly. Along with visual branding, you must also include custom URLs to the header section of your channel. Write an intriguing bio about your brand and generic info about your videos.

2. Create Short Videos

Short videos are more engaging to the viewers. These videos get more views, likes, and comments. If you want to promote your brand, product, or service, then focus on creating shorter videos under two minutes in length.

A recent marketing report has highlighted that viewers skip long videos and tend to watch shorter ones. A long video is boring and less engaging until it is a movie, documentary, news, or sports.

YouTube has recently made changes in its algorithm. It ranks videos that are more engaging to the viewers. For example, a video contains great content but has less watch time won’t be given more visibility.

3. Recreate Your Videos

Creating unique content will make your video stand out on YouTube. If you are using YouTube for the last 10 years, it means your content is old. You must recreate your videos and format them properly. Consider dimensions, size, HD quality, sound, editing, animation, and other elements to make visually attractive videos.

You can recreate a few of your best brand videos from useful, engaging, valuable, and actionable content you have already created in the past. How-to tutorials have become a trend on YouTube. Your audience wants answers to their problems.

So, you must create content that solves their particular problems. It is not necessary to face the camera and record the video. There are various platforms like Content samurai that allows you to create great marketing videos for your brand.

4. Work on Annotations

Annotations are an effective YouTube feature, which allows marketers to add textual content and links to videos. Annotations can be offers to subscribe, after-the-fact comments, and links to your company website. When used properly, annotations can give you an increased number of subscribers as well as views, likes, and comments.

Adding annotations to your videos is not a daunting task. You can do this easily by going to your Video Manager and then selecting the video you want to edit. Click on the “Edit” button to add the annotation manager.

Moreover, there are two types of annotations available on YouTube. The first one focuses on creating speech bubbles, which show up as a commentary on the video. It is easy to edit the length, size, and font of these interjections.

The second type of annotation is known as “Active Link,” Links are separated into various categories. For instance, you can link to your channel, to another video, and your company website.

5. Consistency is Key

Just like you regularly post content on your company’s blog, it is important to consistently upload high-quality videos on YouTube. You have to develop a long-term strategy and stick to it. After creating a strategy for your YouTube marketing, then you need to post content frequently. This increases user engagement.

If you are running a startup company and do not have enough budget to invest in professional video creation, you can use affordable cameras or even smartphones to record videos. There are many free video editing software available online. You can use them to edit your video content.

Wrapping up!

Over 80% of consumer internet traffic will watch YouTube videos to decide on their purchases. This is the reason brands are focusing more on YouTube marketing.

So, if you want to thrive in the market, increase user engagement, reach more customers, then follow the steps given in this article. Good Luck!

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