Escape Your Head: How Overthinking Is Hurting Your Business

Everyone knows positive thinking boosts overall happiness and productivity. It improves time management, decision making, and organizational skills. Positive thinking and self-reflection can help you reach both personal and professional goals. What about overthinking? Does it hurt you and affect your business? Let’s find out!

Delays the Decision-Making Process

Sometimes, you need a fast decision to make progress. If you are stuck in the process of overthinking your business, then it will delay the decision and potentially causes you to miss the window for success.

Your decisions should be based on available data and information. However, delaying it means hurting your business. Sometimes, an instant decision can positively impact your company, product, or service.

Creates Uncertainty and Doubt

Entrepreneurs who are confident about themselves can become uncertain or doubtful when overthinking occurs. Instead of making a useful choice, they evaluate all of the possible situations that could happen. Since you can’t tell what the future holds, certainty can’t be part of your decision-making process.

Remember, there is always a risk when you make a decision. Overthinking creates doubts and causes you to stay in the comfort zone and forbid you from taking risks.

For example, you want to add a new feature to your tech product, but you think whether or not the customers will like it. This is where overthinking makes you stay behind from your competitors. Eventually, it affects your business.

Infinite Possibilities but no Implementation

Generally, overthinking generates many business ideas and inspires a lot of feedback. When you overthink your business, it creates a lot of possibilities. However, they are caught in an infinite loop of thoughts and simulations.

You find yourself stuck in your thoughts. As a result, you fail to implement your ideas and strategies. Overthinking can create delays in your actions, which means you can’t even implement your best ideas because there is a fear of failure in place.

Lowers Performance and Productivity

Your working memory is what allows you to focus on the data and information you need to things done. Research studies have shown that high-stress, anxiety-producing situations cause lower performance on cognitive tasks.

Researchers think that both pressure and anxiety generate distracting thoughts about the workplace situation. When you overanalyze a particular business situation, the self-doubt, repetitive thoughts, and anxiety decrease the amount of working memory that you need to complete challenging tasks. This causes your performance and productivity to drop even further.

Kills Your Creativity

A recent study conducted by Stanford University suggests that overthinking impedes a person’s ability to carry out cognitive tasks. It also keeps you from reaching your creative potential.

It leads to a mental condition called analysis paralysis or thought paralysis. You overanalyze and overthink a situation that can cause decision making to become “paralyzed.” Thus, you are unable to decide upon a course of action or solution.

How to Stop Overthinking?

When you find yourself feeling anxious or stressed, step back, and analyze the situation. Become aware of your habit of overthinking. Instead of thinking about what can go wrong, you should better be dreaming of what can go right. Visualize all the best scenarios or things that can do well for you. Keep your thoughts present and upfront.

Relax: This should really be your first step. It might sound simple to do but it’s really hard to implement in practice. Take 5 minutes break and try to virtually empty your head from all your thoughts. A better option would be to get a good body treatment. There are different types of massages you can look up for and decide what suits you best. After this stage is over you are ready to move forward.

Put Things in Perspective: With overthinking, you can make things more negative and harmful than they need to be. Don’t think where your business will stand in the next two years. Avoid making a mountain of a molehill. Divide bigger business tasks into smaller ones and then start working to achieve them one-by-one.

Face Your Fears: Changing your view of fear can create a positive impact on your mind and help you make profitable business decisions. Because situations didn’t work out before doesn’t mean the same outcome every time. Keep in mind that every opportunity is a place to start again.


Overthinking not only affects you personally but also professionally. It can surely affect your workplace or company. You are the boss of your company. You have to become an example of success, an inspiration, and a symbol of motivation for your employees. You can become a great leader by avoiding overthinking and staying focus on the positive aspects of your business.

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