Top 20 Online Business Ideas In 2020

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.”

Richard Branson

2020 has ended up being a year none of us expected with its own set of twists and turns. Though the tragic year has brought with it several complexities and hardships, it has also given people a chance to reflect and consider new avenues. If you too want to step out of your comfort zone and get up to something productive instead of pondering on the negative ideas, here are some best business ideas for 2020 you can peruse. Not only will you be minimizing your risk by starting small instead of spending tons of cash on a brick and mortar store, but you can also have an extensive reach of potential customers.

1. Selling Your Art Online

Being an artist and brimming with artistic tendencies means that you can express the way you see the world with sweeps of brushes or the pounding beats of music. Artistic talents like that are do not just grace every single person out there. That is why you should consider making money online using the vibrant colors and beats you often get up to making. Not only would people gain an appreciation for your art and possibly increase your popularity, but you could also have a whole online business up and running.

2. Becoming A Freelancer

Freelancing may not appear to be everyone’s cup of tea but you cannot consider top best business ideas for 2020 and not have it on the list. Though a lot of people feel that it does not pay much compared to a regular job, be sure to note it has several perks of its own. You can come up with your own money-making combinations and choose whether you want brief projects or long-term ones to keep you sufficiently occupied. Popular sites where you can set your account up to start earning are Freelancer and Fiverr.

3. Becoming An Affiliate Marketer

If there is one thing to dabble in that has good chances of bringing you considerable success, it is definitely affiliate marketing. The basic purpose of this is to sell other people’s products and earn some amount of commission on every product you can sell-off. Amazon affiliates draw in tons of cash each month without having to put in too much effort. The categories that attract the most competition and in turn, money are health and gambling.

4. Teaching Online Courses

If passive income is what you are after, opting for extending your knowledge to others online may not be a bad idea. There must be certain topics you are passionate about and know how to speak on well. Imparting information on those to others could work out well if people end up finding your videos creative and informative. It does not matter how long it takes for you to get it set up because once you get the hang of it you can expect positive responses. Using apps like ScreenFlow can be a major boon as you can talk and screen-record at the same time.

5. Building Apps

Building an app may not be an easy task but it sure is a rewarding one especially if it has useful features. People are mostly glued to their phones these days, making use of one app or another for their various needs. This is why the demand for creative apps is simply soaring and could truly be a good way to make money online. Not only can you expect to get worthy returns from it, but there are also very limited costs to cater to while designing it and ensuring it is functional.

6. Start Blogging

Who would have thought you could make money blogging considering they used to start as mere virtual journals once upon a time? Though it is a creative method of generating revenue, keeping your audience engaged and consistently interested in your blog will take quite some effort. Expanding to other online business ventures can be made so much easier once you find a start-up here. Putting your writing skills to use while capturing aesthetic images to keep your audience hooked is the way to go when it comes to blogging.

7. Becoming A Social Media Consultant

One of the best online business ideas in 2020 would surely include one related to social media considering just how popular it is. Businesses have started to realize just how impactful social media marketing can be and are aiming to make the most of it. This means they have to keep their pages fresh and creative as ever to keep the audience engaged. Small businesses usually have to rely on themselves for these tasks yet do not have enough time to look into it deeply. As a social media consultant, you could keep them up to date on various trends and enlighten them about strategies and tactics that could help their pages attract more attention.

8. Publishing Your Books

For many people writing their own book is a far-fetched dream. Seeing their name on the cover of their very own book is a motivating factor that spurs them on to try their hand at it. This is something you can do to make sure your ideas are heard in the form of captivating words while also earning a good amount of money from it. Whether to write an e-book or have physical copies is ultimately your choice along with whichever genre you may choose to write on. What matters is putting your heart and soul into it.

9. Being An Influencer

There is a great deal of hype revolving around influencer marketing these days and for very good reason. If little kids can do it and earn money on Instagram why not you? Gaining popularity on social media and especially Instagram is the key to attracting the attention of brands wanting to partner up with you. Even high-profile brands like Gucci work with influencers to increase popularity. Remember an important fact. The more followers you have, the better paying deals you can get.

10. Performing Research

Research is often needed on several levels. Whether it is a business looking to get some in-depth information to help it perform better or even students needing assistance with research work, it is a good way to earn money. Even if you do not have a special skill set, that is completely okay as all you need for such tasks are a couple of hours every week and knowing where to probe to get the kind of information that is required. It does not take up a whole lot of energy and is an effective way of making money online.

11. Mastering How To Optimize Search Engines

Knowing this little trick can go a long way with businesses that are looking to have their websites topping the search engines. It is a way of getting more of an audience to be trained on their information and ensuring that their website ranks higher than those of their competitors. Managing that is certainly no easy task with how often Google tends to change its algorithms but it is definitely one to test out. If you do end up mastering it, you can get websites the audience they need and earn money in turn.

12. Buying And Flipping Domains

Flipping and buying is a relatively common practice wherein people acquire a site at a fairly reasonable price and then sell it at a higher one. Though you may have to spend a little time looking up several domain names. Being fairly knowledgeable about domain auction websites wherein you can get to know entire lists of domain names can do this. You can expect a good amount of profit to make up for the effort though. The fact that it generally takes up less investment is also a bonus.

13. Becoming A Web Developer

If there is one skill that is highly valued in the virtual world, it is the creation of a website. That is essentially the task of a web developer who first needs to learn to code before indulging in such complex projects. The great part about a task like this is the ability to be able to work no matter where you are. Location is simply not an issue and good websites are definitely in demand with the number of businesses switching to online means or simply expanding to ensure more popularity.

14. Launching A Podcast

One of the top online business ideas in the modern-day and age include launching your very own podcast. All you need to make sure is that you have quality equipment like a good microphone as well as audio and call-recording software. Once you have that in the bag, you are all set to go. Make sure to get some noticeable figures on your podcast to get more people to tune in. Encouraging people to leave their reviews will also let you have an insight on what direction to steer your podcast towards next.

15. Creating Crafty Goods

Creativity is such an aptitude that is exceptionally esteemed to guarantee a successful start-up of your online business from home. If you have that, you have a range of options and ideas just waiting to be implemented. That is also exactly what you can do by making your own crafts that you can sell online. People absolutely love buying customized handmade products either for their own use or to give as gifts as they appear more personalized. If you do not want to turn to sites like Etsy, you can always have your own online store up and running.

16. Selling Products On eBay

Though this may come off as an odd idea for some people, it actually happens to be a good business idea for beginners. Taking a trip to some local thrift stores or those that you simply know sell products for less can help you get them at a fairly reasonable price. Then all you have to do is go to eBay and advertise those products at a greater price. This way you can keep a little bit of profit for yourself especially if the idea skyrockets and you can get a range of various products listed there.

17. Learning Graphic Designing

If you have done any freelancing before, you would know that graphic designing is one of the most highly sought after skills by clients. Creating vivid illustrations, logos for all kinds of businesses as well as web and sales pages are just some of the skills graphic designers tend to sharpen. If you can truly give it a shot and get the hang of it, a whole world of possibilities could open up for you in terms of projects. Make sure you do not miss out on it if you feel like it is doable for you.

18. Starting A Consulting Business

Online business ideas in 2020 can include having your very own consultation business set up. One thing to note here is that people will most likely want in-depth and thorough information. This is why you can only consider this idea seriously if you tend to have a great deal of knowledge about certain topics as that is what will lure people in. It would also help them trust you more if you have previously had significant experience in the field that they are interested in. This way you can end up being a highly paid online consultant.

19. Building Niche Sites

The niche itself is meant to be a specific portion that you are meant to target. A similar method is applied to do the same for a specific category. Once you decide on what category you want, you will either have to start selling your own products or get affiliate marketers to get the job done for you. Before that, however, make sure you write the right sort of keywords to draw attention to your website so more people can visit it.

20. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is basically selling other people’s products on your own website. This means that you do not have to do any manufacturing yourself if you do not want to, hence lowering costs. It also means the burden of shipping the products will not rest on your shoulders. You simply have to ensure it catches the audience’s attention and the money will flow.

Doing your own online business is definitely not an easy task especially if you have to ensure its success. However, these are some of the best business ideas for 2020 that can gain you some amount of popularity and a definitive amount of success if you excel at what you end up doing. The best way of starting up of course is to get armed with the detailed information about the niche that has an interest to you.

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